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Book: What's All This About, Anyway?

What People Are Saying...

Donna Sommers, RN, Balance Magazine Book Review

"Finally a unique book that presents profound metaphysical facts clearly and simply for the new and advanced seekers of truth. It is truly a companion for the soul's awakening and the intellectual understanding. Exercises are provided that allow for the immediate implementation of many of these truths into your life. A must on every New Age bookshelf!"

Alien Watson, Starlite Times Book Review

"The book would be a good text for a discussion group or introductory class. I liked the advice the author gives...especially the caution against the idea of 'No pain, no gain' and that personal growth need not be a struggle."

James Azzara, Keyboard Artist, Humanities Instructor, Ecological Theorist

"I found myself smiling at the unfaltering warmth that radiated up off the pages. I have no argument with the meta-principles delineated... This is done well, which is to say, beautifully, with authority and simplicity."

Nancy A. Mayans, Actress, Singer, Teacher, Healer

"This book is a knife that cuts like a feather. It gently cuts through common misconceptions to the core of metaphysical truth."

Marianne Dubbs, Nurse

"The book is wonderful! It's exceptional and extraordinary. 'Metaphysics 101' for the New Age!"

Reverend Ojela Frank, Author of Crystal Therapeutics, and Advanced Crystal Therapeutics, Teacher, Seminar Leader

"This book is a wonderful tool to help access the teachings of metaphysics. It covers many of the most popular subjects and answers the most frequently asked questions on the topics chosen "

Dr. Frank Alper, world renowned authority in healing with cystals, magnetic energy and color. This international teacher and lecturer has authored many books, including the Exploring Atlantis Trilogy and Universal Law for the Aquarian Age.

"In the writing of this book the author imparts the essence of her Soul for all to experience. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to expand their consciousness regardless of their past learning experience. Jule is a pure channel of Love who is in the expression of her mission for those on Earth."

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