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Traverse City area and Detroit Michigan - November 2015.  Exact dates not set. Explorations available. Workshops - stay tuned here. Jule@etherichealer.com for more information or to schedule.

In Temple City, California - September- 2015. Departure date not set. Explorations (private sessions available) email as above.

Metaphysics for the Fun of IT! Children ages 9 -14. One parent per child allowed to participate! This workshop is designed to let children know that awareness of things in the unseen world is possible, and even a birthright! Lots of fun with Energy and Thought Transference exercises, and even a bit of Color Healing. Date to be set for Early October. Write for details. 

Portland, OR -August 2015. Explorations, Integrated Etheric Healings. August 30, The Appreciation Workshop. 

Jule will be in Melville, NY from mid October until mid November 2015. All services available Workshps possible. If you live in the Tri-State area and are interested in a particular workshop contact me and let's see if we can make it happen! 

Jule will be on the west coast at various times through out 2015 and 2016. Details will be posted.

In the New York Area from  August 5 - August 30.

Sessions available in NJ, CT, or PA, frequently - write to:  jule@etherichealer.com

Jule is in California often -  for information and scheduling. (Appointments available in Temple City/Westlake Village)

IEHs and Explorations in YOUR area contact Julé directly: jule@etherichealer.com

Julé travels to Canada, India and Australia regularly and has taught in Euorpe and the UK, she will consider presenting workshops anywhere you are, call or write to discuss.

From Anywhere any time...Julé is available to perform Integrated Etheric Healings Counseling portion held on Skype. 

Private sessions, Explorations, are available from anywhere on Skype Video or in person if in town.

 Schedules of events offered please e-mail Julé

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Explorations & Integrated Etherics with Jule at Earthwalk in Detroit: To Book appointments: E-mail  ewcenter@earthwalk.org 

For more information on these programs click on Workshops, Lectures and Planetary Healing Circles

contact Jule: jule@etherichealer.com

Appreciate this day...appreciate this moment...appreciate this Breath!


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