A Message from Julé about Your Exploration...

(This is the handout clients receive while waiting for their session)

Because you have chosen to have a reading with me, I would like to assist you in getting the most from it. Here are a few things that you might find helpful.

General Information...

The focus of your reading will be the clarification of the circumstance or situations about which you will inquire. It is my understanding that given a clear perspective, you can then make your own, very best decisions. The purpose of a reading is to empower YOU, so you may do just that, rather than to inform you of some, "unalterable fate." To the extent you are asking about those situations that you feel exist outside of your control, predictions may be provided. All predictions, however, rely on the Law of Probabilities. To gain a fuller understanding of this and the nature of Karma, a copy of my book will be available for you so can read while you wait for your appointment. If you intend to do this you might want to come a bit early. I suggest that you read the sections on Divination and Karma, respectively. If you wish to purchase (What's All This About, Anyway? ), copies are on hand or available at Amazon.com -best to us the link on the book page of my website.

Specific Information...

  1. The clearer your questions, the clearer will be the answers. While it is certainly possible, and sometimes even advisable, to ask for an overview on specific topic, this may yield more generalized information.
  2. You may elect to have a general overview on what's going on in your Life, or on your Spiritual Growth. This results in a reading that will focus on the issues in your life from a perspective that is guided by the highest level of your Being.
  3. Your reading will be planned to last one hour, so after 50 minutes, I will summarize, clarifying any issue about which you want more information . The hourly rate will apply if you want us to spend more than an hour, this will be at your own discretion. First time clients should allow up to 1 and 1/2 hours, though this is rarely necessary. 
  4. Be relaxed and feel comfortable giving me as little or as much information as you wish, all readings are always held in strict confidence. If you want a tape of your reading, you can bring a tape, or I can make an MP3 which can be sent as an e-mail. If you want someone else present, you may, but understand that this may affect your reading.
  5. Although my readings are occasionally entertaining, as a certified Healer/Counselor and an ordained minister, I can tell you that my readings lend perspective and can aid you in your growth -- rather than add the traditional disclaimer that they are " for entertainment purposes". The responsibility, however, does lie with you to exercise discrimination in dealing with all the information you obtain. Rely on your common sense and best knowledge, as well as your own intuition, as you act on what you have learned in your reading. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
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