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About Integrated Etheric Healings..

     IEH, is a unique remote healing art that uses both Energy Reconfiguration and counseling to effect beneficial changes in Physical, Emotional, and mental states through the integration of healing work done on the Etheric level.

     I channelled the basics f this method in 1969 and it went through major revisions in 1987 and 1994. It has been taught since that time in week long trainings to 2 MDs, 10 RNs, and over 35 others who have successfully performed IEHs.

    It is a chakra-based method, but extensive knowledge of this system is not required to have a healing.

    An Information Sheet for IEH clients is available as well as testimonials on each type of IEH.

Please see Services Offered for a listing of the types of IEHs and prices. I am happy to answer your questions on the method and you may write to me at: jule@etherichealer.com



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