Services Offered

Updated August 2017

Payment is required at the time of service. Paypal accepted for your convenience.


Each session is about one hour and is uniquely tailored. Julé draws on her diverse skills that include her extensive counseling, channeling, and healing experience. A session may be comprised of a general intuitive counseling or can focus on a particular area of life and the current challenges that an individual is facing spiritually, emotionally or physically (limited issues)*. Divination tools may be used upon request. Phone consultations are available via Skype video. Investment $175.00 per hour

*Read about Integrated Etheric Healings for dealing with any challenge.

Life Coaching Sessions

Set goals, receive Guidance, personalized exercises. Write for more information:

Integrated Etheric Healings

This unique remote healing system for physical, emotional or mental ailments, was pioneered by Julé over 30 years ago. It has evolved and has been taught in its current form since 1988. As distance is no obstacle in Integrated Etheric Healing (IEH), Julé and some of the healers she has trained have performed healings for people around the world from the US. For training info, see Workshops offered.  Investment $350

Some Other Etheric Processes…

Growth Etherics

These specialized IEHs are done exclusively to accelerate the Growth Process and can only be performed once every two years. These high frequency healings are appropriate for those who have made a conscious commitment to personal evolution. Any previous IEH, performed by a certified Integrated Etheric Healer is helpful for the best integration, but not essential. Investment $385

Parental Guidance Etherics

Offers perspective and energies for guiding a child...because every child is a gift. A tool for conscious parenting. Parent gets the guidance the child the energies. No direct discussion with the child is involved, unless requested. Fee $355

Equine, Animal and Pet Etherics

Horses, dogs, cats and other animals. Equine Etherics are designed to promote Focus and Concentration as well as address: unexplained behaviors, bad attitudes, and physical challenges.  Fee $350*.

*A half hour counseling is required preceeding this work - Information sheet supplied on request $80

Soul Healing (karmic clearing) Etherics - SHAKES

Addresses wounding in the Soul, generally based on previous Expressions (past lives) Soul Healing (Karmic Cleansing). Investment $385

Hospice Etherics and Transition Etherics 

Hospice: Process to aid in completing unfinished business for the terminally ill.  $350

Transition: Performed 40 days after death, to provide closure for the requester.  Must be booked by bonafide representative of the deceased. Fee $275

Follow Ups...

This service is for those who have an Etheric any type* or an Exploration within the last 6* months. "check ins/tweaks/follow up questions". 15-20 minute sessions: following an Exploration - $50, following an Etheric $65

**Those who have had Growth Etherics can have follow-ups for up to 21 months.

Miscellaneous Services..

ACST (Advanced Cellular Suggestive Therapy).

Private sessions using Guided Imagery and Color, to treat physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Investment:  $185 per hour.

Intuitive Consultations for Couples and Families

Couples (and families) including prenuptial. $185 per hour.

APPRENTICE PROGRAMS - Individually tailored call to discuss.

Weddings, Ceremonies for Funerals, Baptism, and Marital Dissolutions (divorces). Write for information and pricing.

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