Beyond Positive Thinking: Another Look at Affirmations

Topics Include:

  • Why they work and when they don't
  • Debunking the 3 main myths
  • "Stepped" and 2nd person affirmations
  • Using gestures and movement
  • Partnered and group affirmation


4-8 hours depending on the size of the group. Offers several accelerated techniques that include: partnered, triangulated, and group exercises, movement and gestures. Also has extensive Q&A, and help in creating personal affirmations for as many folks as time allows! This workshop has been revamped to include new Energy components to be used with Affirmations.

Who is it designed to serve?

All those who have used, or seriously considered using affirmations. Particularly helpful for those who have used them with little or no result. Especially good for healers and teachers who can encourage others to use these tools in conjunction with any other work.

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