Creating Color Awareness

An Introduction to the Use of Color for Consciousness, Development and Healing

"Color is our omnipresent companion on earth... the more consciously we relate to this aspect of our environment the more we will benefit from it." -- Julé 3/87
  • Color Station Meditations
  • Water Workshop
  • Color Map Station
  • Ailment Workshop

Lecture, question, and answer plus four adventures in COLOR!!!


This is a 5-7 hour workshop (depending upon number of participants). It is an experiential introduction, to an individual's personal relationship with color. There is individual and group work. CCA requires a lot of materials, at least 3 separate spaces, (large home is ideal) extensive preparation, by Julé, and 3 - 5 hrs of setup time. Features a 5-page handout that contains some of the workshop exercises that also be done at home, a basic color interpretation information, a bibliography.

Who is it designed to serve?

This workshop can be taken and enjoyed by anyone interested in exploring color. The majority of attendees are healers and health professionals, but interior designers, artists, fashion designers, and teenagers have also found the workshop to be valuable. Occasionally significant processing occurs for a participant in relation to a specific color and Julé can appropriately facilitate this. Generally, insight, enjoyment, and some degree of realization is experienced. (No prerequisites)

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