Integrated Etheric Healing Intensive

Seven Day Workshop with Julé

This special training involves a unique remote healing technique and offers remarkable facility in handling high frequency Etheric Energies.

Participants will gain practical experience in both the healing process and appropriate counseling procedures. IEH is taught through working on a client who is not known by healer with just the name, birth date, and ailment provided so as to give the trainee maximum confirmation of the method and their work. Topics covered will include:

  • The Ethics of Unseen Healing - Extensive focus throughout the workshop
  • The Chakra System in Etheric work vs Hands On Healing Diagnostics\Cleansing\Spinning\Balancing\Restructuring
  • The nature & use of the Etheric Blueprint
  • The process of IEH Counseling - Procedures & Ethics


  • 1 - 3 years study in general metaphysical knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of the Chakra System
  • 1 hour phone interview at least 1 week prior to class

Helpful but not essential:

  • Basic knowledge of the nature and significance of color
  • Experience within one or more energy Healing Modalities: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Cellular Memory, etc.
  • Basic Anatomy/Physiology
  • Working knowledge of Archetypal Symbols
  • Psychological training/study
  • Counseling training/experience

Investment: $5000

For information, contact Julé. Interviewing NOW for 2014 training.

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